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About Us


At Binca, we are committed to being fun, being different, and being true to ourselves.

We are committed to creating games that do the same.

Games bring people together, and creating memories that are tough to beat is what makes Binca not just a company, but a home to all things fun and happy.

At Binca, we want to provide games that are played by kids and by adults, with friends and with family. Keeping that in mind, our games are designed to be easy to learn, easy to teach and fun to play.

Some of our games bend towards education so that kids can build important skills such as quick reflexes, cognitive thinking, mental maths, social skills, and word and vocabulary-building to name a few.

We believe that by opening a child’s mind you are guiding the future of humanity. We want to empower children today to make more time for play and make play time an important aspect of their lives.

Our aim is to build a space for that, a space that is happy and fun and where imagination is let free.

We spend quality time on the making and manufacturing process and take pride in our packaging, the durability of the components and the product itself.

Currently, we are a small team committed to expanding and creating games that bring family and friends together. We hope to grow into a big family of our own in the near future.


For Rubianca, Creative Head at Binca, games were always a part of her childhood, but growing up in India that’s all she ever thought they would be. The games available in the 80’s and 90’s were fairly limited to the likes of Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Scrabble, Uno, and Monopoly. But, even as a child, Rubianca was always passionate about tabletop games, (especially word games), only she didn’t know they were called that then. She would create her own games at home and have her family and friends over to play them. It was then when she first felt the frisson of creating games but never thought of them as anything more than a hobby.

Years later, one night at a friend’s place, in the middle of playing a game, a thought zipped through her mind. She shared that thought with her husband and something just clicked, for the both of them. Though there were challenges and tough decisions to make, the couple took the proverbial bull by its horns and co-founded Binca.

Binca is a small startup board games company co-created in 2015 by Rubianca and Sahil Wadhwa - a married couple married to the idea of creating a successful business venture together. But, more than that, it is to share their love of board games with the world. To be part of this wonderful gaming community. To give something back, in their own little way. To allow future generations, especially, here in India, to spread their wings and fly in any direction they want to - to be anything they want to be.

The company has one goal, which they are working tirelessly on — to see their products of love and dedication make their mark on the world. Because, to them, Binca is not just a company - it’s their home.

It’s their past, present and (hopefully) the future of their dreams.

If you are here visiting our page, we thank you for taking the time and interest in our company, our story, our life.