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Rs. 149.00
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Aim: To outscore your opponent in 3 overs!
Age: 7+
Players: 2-player game

Qwicket is a quick-fire, one-on-one cricket card game.

In Qwicket, you and your opponent go head to head to score the most number of runs in 3 overs.
You assume roles as either batsman or bowler after a coin toss and take the Batting deck or the Bowling deck, accordingly. You then choose the cards for each over and play the game simultaneously, resolving the outcomes as the cards are played to the table. After the first innings — count the runs scored and then reverse the roles. The game is played again in the same manner. The new Batting side now must outscore his opponent by 1 run to win the game!

Qwicket almost seems too easy, but if you really think about who you are up against, you might just play the game differently! Give it your best shot!

Batting Deck: 18 cards
Bowling Deck: 18 cards
2 Reference cards | 1 Third Umpire card | Out & Not Out Cards
Rules Sheet

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Great Game For All Ages

A must for cricket lovers. especially if you grew up playing book cricket. it's meant for two players, but plays out fast so more people can get turns qoickly. Easy to understand, and perfect for all ages. The packing and cards are nice

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