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Rs. 249.00
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Aim: To have the most points by making words faster than your opponents
Age: 8+
Players: 2-4 players

Fletter is a quick, fun, challenging and adrenaline-pumping word game.

Single letter cards open to the table from which players must make words before their opponents can. The game is played in four rounds: 3-letter words, 4-letter words, 5-letter words and 6-letter words. The game gets more challenging as the rounds progress. At the end of the fourth (last) round, the player with the most points is the winner. It might sound simple but before you know it letters disappear from the table and you’re left thinking of the words lost! Think fast and act faster than your opponents to stay ahead of the game!

96 Single Letter Cards
4 Blank Cards
10 Flettered Cards
Rules Sheet

Quick Reflexes
Word Building
Focus & Attention
Cognitive Speed
Reaction Time

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
loved it!!

Great for those boring days, we r 2 siblings and we played comfortably and had fun, although when we played in 5 ppl, the game had ended in 15-20 mins, but yea ther was good amount of suspense and betrayal, overall loved it!

Reema S.
since my 6 year old has been playing games like Scrabble,Uno

I had never heard of this game but since my 6 year old has been playing games like Scrabble, Uno, Monopoly etc for last 2 years, I wanted to get some other games. Since I was supposed to travel, my preference was a card game. I chanced upon this and learnt how to play this. After playing this for 3 months, I can happily recommend this to others. And it is equally challenging for grown ups. There are 4 rounds. In the first round you have to make 3 letter words, in the second round 4 letter words and then 5 and 6 letter words. Each card has a letter. All the cards will be distributed among 2 to 4 players. Every player plays a card each and all the cards need to be displayed prominently. Whoever calls out the 3/4/5/6 letter word first, gets those cards. This game is very fast and you have to think words at a fast pace. After all the cards are over with the players and when no more words could be formed from the displayed cards, that round is over. Each card has a score written on it. After the round gets over, you calculate your points. You need to add your points for all the rounds and whoever scores the highest, wins the game. There are -2 cards for any wrong words. I highly recommend this game.

How to Play